3D printer

Xtrution design and make 3D printers for large formats and extruders for 3D print applications.

Xtrution start where existing manufacturers stop up to 3 m³ (9,85 ft ³)or bigger. Using the FDM Technic to use granulate or pallets and no expensive filament.

Using the Technic explained in 3D printer extruders From around 1-2 kg/hour (2.2-4.4 lb/hour) up to 14-15 kg/hour (30.8-33 lb/hour)

The movement of the 3D printer nozzle ca be made with a robot arm or X-Y and Z axle Complete systems can be supplied from material handling (drying, transport, coloring) up to X-Y and Z steering/controlling Printing with a Xtrution large scale printer is.

  1. 3D Printing with low cost material no filament is needed.
  2. Possibility to print with all types (when using a granulate dryer) of thermoplastic plastics, filled, recycled etc. When using a hose there is limitation of 240°C and 250 Bar
  3. Very large 3D prints

Example of the 3D printer where is used a extruder with or with out a hose,