3D printer extruders

3D printing is still a growing marked worldwide and Xtrution is active on this marked for a couple of years now.

Small FDM 3D printers are using filament that is melded in the “extruder head”. The extruder head of a 3D printer is only a heated tube and a stepper motor that push the filament into the heated tube. For large scale FDM 3D printers this is not suitable.

A plastic extruder uses granulate that is melted in the extruder by using friction and not a heating element (heating element are using to “tune” the proces and by startup).

A Xtrution 3D printer extruder because;

  • no filament using, granulate or pellets cost 5-6 times less
  • more types of ¬†plastics even high temperature plastics
  • capacity¬†from 1-2 kg/hr up to 15 kg/hr (more when using normal extruder (Dutch))
  • using a heated hose to fead the 3D print nozzle or when weight is no issue directly on the X or Y axle
  • Controllers
  • Stand alone

Just contact for more specified information or a quotation

3D small granulate extruder